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Hawke Multimedia



Founded in Early 2021, Hawke Multimedia is owned and operated by 22 year old, Jonathon Weiss.


Hawke Multimedia is a new company, but the experience goes back much further. Jonathon has been working in multimedia and website design since early 2016, beginning with his own company, JonnyUAV.

JonnyUAV was created by Jonathon and his father, Eddy, to create elevated drone landing platforms and develop drone safety protocols for organizations and agencies across the country.

Jonathon went on to become the founder and curator of the National Health and Public Safety History Museum (formerly the Life in the Arena Foundation Mobile Medical Museum) which traveled the United States for 2 years providing education programming and displays showcasing the history of first responders and medical practices dating back to the early 16th century. Once the collection had grown beyond traveling, the Weiss family relocated to central Texas where the museum remained open for another 2 years in a 5,000 square foot museum location next door to the original Dr. Pepper Bottling Plant (now Dublin Bottling Works)

Near the beginning of Covid-19, Jonathon enrolled in Ranger College and obtained his national and Texas State emergency medical technician license before creating Hawke Multimedia shortly after the nationwide quarantine was lifted in early 2021.

Since 2016, Jonathon has served clients from across the country in over 15 states, ranging from political candidates, medical supply companies, consulting firms, non-profit organizations, and more. Jonathon has also served as a production assistant on pseudo-documentaries, independent films, a Netflix television series and large corporate video shoots.​

Jonathon holds certificates in emergency management, radiological disasters, website design, photography, cinematography, and more. Jonathon also holds 2 Presidential Volunteer Services Awards and an award from the Governor of Iowa.

Jonathon is a Licensed Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 Remote Pilot, Texas State Emergency Medical Technician, Wix Web Accessibility Specialist, Disinfection Specialist and National Weather Service SkyWarn Spotter.

Jonathon currently works as the Media Specialist for Zentech, Inc. Innovative Engineering Solutions.

Abstract Structure

"I felt like I was watching some other company’s video! When I realized it was our video I was in tears! I never dreamed I would have something so professional and high end!"

~ Domenica Thompson, Oasis Restoration Ministries

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