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Meet the Team:

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Angelea Weiss, Executive Assistant

Stephenville, Texas

Angelea has been the executive assistant at Hawke Multimedia since January 2022, and serves as an apprentice under Jonathon Weiss.

Angelea married Jonathon in Late-March 2023.

During Angelea's time at HMM she has begun to learn basic photography and cinematography skills, as well as sUAS operations.

Angelea has worked as a visual spotter, production assistant and even a script and continuity supervisor for a major independent film in April of 2023

Angelea is also a talented voice actress, working on audio files for new podcasts.

E.G. Weiss, Consultant

Central Texas

E.G Weiss has been a crucial part of Hawke Multimedia since even before its creation. E.G is Jonathon's father and a consultant for Hawke Multimedia. Since Jonathon was 10 years old, E.G has been teaching Jonathon Adobe Photoshop and website design. E.G is regularly consulted in regards to audio and video projects, as well as some graphic design. E.G has a background in marketing and music production, as well as having served as a first responder for over 30 years. E.G also has a background in homeland security, emergency management, severe weather safety, television, threat analysis and counter-terrorism.


Allison Bottoni, Audio Engineer

Sparta Township, New Jersey

Allison has an Associate of Science degree in Music Production from Full Sail University. Her degree mostly focuses in music and its production from start to finish, but she has been trained to do everything from podcasts, to sports announcing, and even writing stock music for commercials. Allsion is currently back at Full Sail completing her bachelor's degree in music production. Allison has worked in the live music scene, as well as etching out broadway shows with their audio equipment. Aside from music, Allison is a Gold Award Girl Scout and has won awards in photography. Allison is also a lifelong friend of Jonathon Weiss.

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